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Mindful March; Merchant Square Bookings

We are delighted to be visiting Merchant Square, Paddington between March 20th - March 31st 

Throughout this pop-up series we will be hosting daily workshops, talks and events around the themes of wellness and well-being on our beautiful barge Xenia

Residents/workers at Merchants Square: please take a look at what's on offer and feel free to book into any of the following classes 

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Mindful March Events

  • Astrology Workshop (6-7pm)
    29 Mar, 18:00 – 19:00
    London, Merchant Sq, London W2 1AS, UK
    Where are the planets right now? What does this mean for you? What does your spirit need right now? Our workshop instructor will explain current astrological conjunctions & planetary alignments & their meanings, helping you gain insight and achieve control over your life.
  • Flowing Thru Workshop (6-7pm)
    30 Mar, 18:00 – 19:00
    London, Merchant Sq, London W2 1AS, UK
    Shed limiting beliefs, manifest your desires, awaken to your true nature. This enlightening and invigorating workshop will help you understand what is standing between you and your dreams, and will show you how to let them go.
  • Meditative Breathwork Class (1-2pm)
    31 Mar, 13:00 – 14:00
    London, Merchant Sq, London W2 1AS, UK
    A class which focuses on meditation and Conscious Connected Breathing (CCB) which aims to restore emotional, mental and and physical equilibrium in the body and re-centre anxious or wandering thought processes.
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