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About Us
The London Barge Company is an independent business, which was setup in 2019, born out of our passion for boating and beautiful spaces.
After having personal experience living aboard houseboats in London, we were inspired by the beauty of the canals and the wonder of nomadic living.
Life on the water requires community, sustainability, and a burning desire to wander. We started wondering if these attributes could be transposed. Could we share our love of the water, minimalism and nomadic living by creating a unique, collective space? A floating haven.

The answer was yes.
We now run our nomadic events space from Hackney – where we are based most of the year. We move our barge every fortnight, visiting some of the most central, magical locations in London.

Our Mission
We named our barge ‘Xenia’ – a word which originates from ancient Greek: meaning ‘Hospitality’ or 'Guest-friendship.' We aim to provide a space of hospitality, tranquillity and rejuvenation in the bustling city of London.
Having worked in corporate roles, we understand the demands of the modern city; the stress, pace and overwhelming pressures. That’s why we are so passionate about fostering a space which is close and accessible in distance, but miles away in atmosphere and spirit. A recess in the metropolis.
We aim to provide an environment of entertainment, relaxation and jubilation. Hosting occasions and events which become as memorable as they are exciting.
Being nomadic and water-based also opens opportunities for fostering non-binary communities. We collaborate with strong, empowering women, creatives, educators, poets, artists and practitioners to host workshops, talks and classes which align with our values.
The events industry can be associated with a culture of high consumption and waste. We endeavour to operate as sustainably as possible – passing through the waterways without damaging the natural environment.

Our barge is powered by solar energy, and we have a range of consumption-reducing measures on board which allow us to float sustainably. Water, space and public-bins are privileges in nomadic life – so we are always on the look-out for ways to operate mindfully, with minimal consumption.

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